Welcome to Faerun!

The year is DR1487 – over 100 years after the Blue Fire ravages Faerun. On that fateful day in DR1385, the Stormriders are engaged in a battle east and south of Shadowloft. They successfully fend off the forces of the Red Hand, and travle back to the City of the Three. Just as they arrive, the Spellplague strikes Shadowloft with the rolling force of a hurricane. Mount Three explodes and erupts after being dormant for more than 300 years, and lays waste to the surrounding area. The network of portals carefully enchanted by The Hellmaster in and around Shadowloft all simultaneously activate as the Blue Fire rages through them. The stormriders are drawn into a vortex of magical energy as the blue ribbons rage through their bodies. The group of heroes’ bodies draw the energy of the Spellplague to them as they, themselves have pieces of the weave within them. Only one hundred and two years later did the energy surrounding the group dissipate and allow them to regain consciousness. When they awoke, they had traveled to the destination of their last resort escape location – the sea gull islands. In addition, they were drained of power by the Plague. Severely drained. Now, they are in a land they do not recognize, as well as being extremely vulnerable. The world is dark and dangerous and much of what the Stormriders fought so hard to defeat has taken hold. The land itself has changed, all their allies are gone and they have no detailed knowledge of their surroundings. So begins their journey…..small points of light in a world of darkness.